Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Land of the Free

I was truly going to hold back today with my thoughts on this election, but decided it would be good therapy for me to just let errr rip!

I do not think that Obama's win is by any means historical. He is only half black and seems to be ashamed of his white heritage, he also does not come from the Historical African-American background of slave ancestry. I also think that there was a force behind this man that has set him up to be a puppet for changing this great nation into a third-world country. There are evil forces in this world that will not rest until our nation is undermined and destroyed. I do not know if Obama will have that kind of power, but I find it to be wearisome.

I also think, if anyone voted for him because of his race has just exercised the greatest example of racism. Let me explain that...when you vote for the President of the United States it should be on that person's resume of experience not race or gender. If you voted for him because you like his message of change (I am still waiting to know why we need to change the greatest nation under God) and his Marxist views of making us all dependent on government...good for you. Your voice and vote is the American long as that lasts.

I am not a far right wing nut as I am sure some would accuse me of, I am although, an American, not a citizen of the world but a red blooded through and through AMERICAN and I do not feel guilty for being blessed by God to have been born in this great nation. Despite our nation's dark and bloody history and injustices done to African-Americans, Native-Americans, Asians, Irish, women of all color, we as a nation have grown and have entered the world as the most humane and free nation in history. We are that shining city on the hill that the world aspires to come to. I make no apologises for these feelings and frankly don't give a rat's ass if you like what I say or not.


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